Bolton Christmas Festival

Santa Consent and Privacy

Your Consent and Privacy notice.
By ticking this box you are agreeing that the information about you and your child which has been collected on this form can be sent and used by Bolton FM. This information will be solely used for the Ask Santa event with Bolton FM and will not be used or shared for any other purposes with any other organisation unless by Law we are required to. The Ask Santa event will not be broadcast and is a one to one secure Zoom meeting with you, your child and Santa. The event will be recorded (audio only) so that a copy of the audio can be provided to you and your child.  We will only keep this recording for Two weeks after the event so you must let us know within the event if you want a copy of the audio recording with Santa.  This will be sent securely to you from Bolton FM and there is no cost in providing this to you. You do have a right to withdraw your consent at any time.  To do this contact Bolton FM at

Your responsibility before meeting Santa
Please make sure that at all times you are with your child and that you are within a living room (not a bedroom) and that your child is appropriately dressed and ready to meet Santa. You will be sent details and accepted into the Zoom event when Santa is ready to meet you and your child.  This Zoom event is solely managed by Bolton FM. Bolton FM do reserve the right to end the Zoom session if they believe this is necessary.  Bolton FM and Bolton Council do not accept any liability in relation to this event.

This form is available to download from and completed forms are to be sent to